This is a view of Taiohae Bay on Nuku Hiva.
Its a very large bay with multiple anchorages.

And this is a view of Taiohae Bay from aboard Gumbo.

The dinghy landing in Taiohae Bay.
This was one of the easier landings we experienced in the Marquesas.
Usually, we had to put out a stern anchor and quickly climb up a ladder
or steps, timing our climb with the huge surge.

This is the restaurant we celebrated our 32nd anniversary at.
It is located in the village at Taiohae Bay.

After our anniversary dinner, while strolling back to the dinghy landing,
we heard Polynesian drumming. So we followed the sounds until we found
this group of drummers practicing.

A view of Daniel's Bay, about 7 miles west of Taiohae Bay on Nuku Hiva.

And this is it folks: the beach in Daniel's Bay where Survivor Marquesas was taped.

And here's Daniel. His home used to be on the beach in the previous photo
but the Survivor crew moved him and his wife, Antoinette, to a new
location and built them a "new" house.

Daniel's "backyard".

We begin our hike to the third tallest waterfall in the world.

And here IS the third tallest waterfall in the world.

After arriving back at Daniel's house, after our waterfall hike,
Daniel gave us all some fresh coconuts.

The First Mate, after the waterfall hike.
She "survived" muddy trails, river crossings, mosquito bites and heatstroke.